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Dive into Francophone Culture While Experiencing Unique Activities in Quebec City

Quebec City spells massive fun for every tourist. Whether you are a couple on honeymoons or a family with kids or merely a group of friends with common interests, Quebec is a welcoming city with fun and frolic around every corner. The city sparks amusement, vibrant culture and conventional experience blended with contemporary ethnicity in the most unique ways. From a wide range of things to do in Quebec and cottage in boischatel to stay, choose from some of the most popular activities to make your vacation memorable and exciting:

  • Visit Village Vacances Valcartier and spend a day exploring waterslides, splash pad toys, and a huge wave pool.

  • Immerse in the underwater world with kids at Aquarium du Québec.

  • Introduce your kids in fun learning about the history through the Petit-Champlain District.

  • Plains of Abraham draws kids into the rich history through its interactive exhibits and activities.

Amazing ways to get a unique taste of Canadian French culture

There’s not even an iota of doubt that the Francophone culture is still very much alive in the Québec City region. It arrived with the first French settlers and remained the era of British rule. Considered as the rock of French civilization in America, Quebec City is the primary supporter of the French language on the continent. Displaying many characteristics of the French culture, specifically the dominance of the French language, Quebec City offers colorful French accents, unique culinary traditions, and a warm welcome to the guests. Have a look at the most popular ways to enjoy Francophone culture in Quebec City:

Visit attractions that celebrate Francophone culture

If you are new to Quebec and love to experience francophone culture then visit several attractions that showcase the same including:

  • Maison de la literature

  • Centre de valorisation du patrimoine vivant

  • Espace Félix-Leclerc

Submerge into the Francophone culture during the festivals

Quebec City is the region of festivals. Both summer and winter seasons celebrate many festivals that give a clear picture of francophone culture. Join locals during one of the festivals and events to share in Québec City’s “joie de vivre in your own way.

Learn the French language in one of the French schools

If you are really a fan of francophone culture and want to give a try to learn French as a second language, consider joining one of the different French schools for an unforgettable experience.

Taste creative French-Canadian cuisine

The most creative and delicious cuisines that are a combination of French and Canada are served in Quebec City. Older people can discover the original French taste in Canadian dishes served in upscale restaurants and many street food stalls.

Discover precious works of art that set the city apart

The city has a rich historic culture that showcases many buildings, monuments, and historic statues making a unique statement with audacious pieces of contemporary art. The unique works of art liven up public places, parks, and walls of the city.

Quebec City offers a host of events and attractions that encourage its francophone roots and is a destination for experiencing the unique culture. In addition, the city gives you a chance to walk and explore the shopping neighborhoods and streets allowing you to soak up in the prestigious European atmosphere.

Comfortable Stay in Quebec City’s Neighborhood cottage in boischatel

Undoubtedly, Quebec City is a fun place but you will definitely crave some comfort in the evening offered by the best cottage in boischatel. La Princesse des Champs is the right place to make an incredible stay to get tranquil and peaceful sleep after a full day’s adventure and enjoyment.

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