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Enjoy 24 Hours in the Quebec City

If you are planning to visit the heritage place, Quebec City is the perfect place where you can feel like you could be in France. The place is unique and charming, and Quebec City is one of the best in North America’s old City, founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain. Before, the City developed into the capital of New France, a huge province encompassing present-day in Quebec. It is being said that until 1759 the year brought decisive loss to the English on the Plains of Abraham. 

If you are searching for the things to do in Quebec and you have less time to explore the place. By following these parameters, you can spend your time. 

1. B&B in the French style

 It is good news for lovers of French-style breakfasts; there are a lot of bakeries in Quebec City. Choose your favorite pastries that you can carry to the airport and able to enjoy the food. For the French people, breakfast is that big meal that is supposed to get you through the day.


2. Cultural morning in old Quebec 

Old Quebec is located with the fortifications and cultural heritage on the cliff. It is best place where you can enjoy wandering the narrow streets. In addition, if you walk through St. John’s gate, you can relish the UNESCO World Heritage place too.

At the foot of the castle, walk along with the boardwalk, where there are a handful of green and white kiosks. 

3. Poutine lunch 

Try some poutine lunch that should not be missed. The dish of Quebec cuisine might be off-putting at first glance; it is a blend of fries and cheddar cheese. It is heavy, it is decadent, and not to be missed. Visit the amazing place and enjoy the fresh, flavorful dishes to celebrate the joy. 

4. Afternoon in Petit Champlain district 

You can head down in Quebec to the lower town of old Quebec. Then, return to it by taking the funicular or walking. If you are looking for a trapper style, fur-trimmed cap and many more accessories, you will get everything in town. Also, you can visit royale square place and see the museum of stone houses, a civilization that will cheer your mood. 

5. Late afternoon 

If you went to Quebec City place in February, canoe races are held on the river between Quebec City and the City of Levi's, located opposite the hospital. In-depth of winter, the team demonstrates extreme stamina and agility crossing the partially frozen river. 

6. Nordic tasting at Chez Boulay 

Do you know? Quebec City is brimming with delicious eateries, but it is highly recommended to dine at Chez Boulay. The place will bring flawless culinary technique; the combination makes for near-faultless dishes. In the place, the menu changes with the seasons. So you can enjoy the flawless dishes which will enchant your mood. 

7. A nightcap at the best hotels 

You can enjoy your cocktail at the best hotels. There are many hotels that will give you the best reviews and scenery views so that you can enjoy your travel time. Their atmosphere is pleasant, and the view over the lights of the City is breathtaking. 

How to save money when planning a trip to Quebec City 

To benefit from some deals, take advantage of Quebec City’s latest promotions and packages. The saving will help you enjoy your family trip, and you will be able to relish the top attractions in Quebec City. 

If you want to experience Quebec City but to avoid larger crowds, book around the Quebec City hotels at the best prices. Feel the magic of a charming city by exploring the amazing places. Get the immersing and unique experience by visiting the perfect place.

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