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Exploring one of the most beautiful regions in the world

Have you ever visited a small city or town not so famous? But when you visited that city or town, have you felt something deep inside your body saying ‘Wow, This place is really beautiful!’ For many visitors, mostly this happens for Boischatel. Boischatel might not be that famous as other cities of Canada but don’t let that thing fool you. Although Boischatel is a small area but it is an upcoming most beautiful tourist site that is definitely worth your visit.

Boischatel is a municipality area of Quebec city, Canada. Although Boischatel is a small area but it is an upcoming most beautiful tourist site that is definitely worth your visit.

It is located in the Capital Nationale region of Quebec along the famous Montmorency river. Initially, this small town was called Saint-Jean-De-Boischatel. Montmorency falls are located near the boundary of this town with Beauport.

A small Tour Guide for Boischatel:

Boischatel is a historic town which offer plenty of cultural events and sightseeing. As Boischatel is located around the peaceful shores of Montmorency river, so everyone can enjoy the beautiful river and spend time around the peaceful boundary of this river. Not only this, the river heads towards the largest and famous river of Quebec, The Saint Lawrence River. This river escapes in the Saint Lawrence River from a steep slope and thus creating the famous Montmorency falls. Montmorency falls are higher than Niagara falls by 30 meters or 98 feet.

You can visit these falls by taking a ride in the cable car crossing the suspended bridge or by riding zip line. If you visit Quebec city then Boischatel is an ideal place for a day trip as Boischatel is located around 10 kilometres (or 6 miles) from the Quebec city. We will also recommend you to take the route to Île d’orléans (a small island of around 190 square kilometre near the Saint Lawrence River). You can do many activities in Île d’orléans like driving or cycling on the roads, stopping at some artisan shops, painters’ studios and boutiques located there to see and admire their excellent creations. Many guided water tours are also available on this island. Make sure to have one if you have time to do so.

You should continue your journey around the road to the town of Château Richer. A copper art museum is available in this town which is called Albert Gilles Boutique et Musee. If you love ancient history then this museum is for you. Take your time to explore the museum because this museum is worth your time. The original craftsman is responsible for embossed doors of church and some interior pieces that are available throughout the Canada and the United States. This art is disappearing very quickly but many families are striving hard to keep this art alive. You can also have a souvenir from a collection of many souvenirs located in the shop.

Next, in our list is Ste-Anne-De-Beaupre. In this area, you can find Atelier Pare Economuseum of wood sculpture. This wood sculpture mainly focuses on many religious icons, signs, characters and scenes from the rich storytelling tradition of the province. Give your eyes a glimpse of the beautiful arts created there. If you find something beautiful and want to take it along with you, then you can purchase that item from the local stores and shops.

The town of Beaupre is the next one to be focused and discussed in the list. Winter sports are most abundant in this town especially at the Mont-Sainte-Anne. Mont-Sainte-Anne is the highest ski location in the eastern part of Canada. So, you can have a really good time in this area in winter season. During the rest of the year, this town is mainly popular for its mountain biking trails and hiking, and the 18-hole par-72 golf course. Last but not the least, a gondola trip is also available in this town where you can enjoy some beautiful panoramic views from the peak’s 800 meters (2600 feet) summit.

Lastly, continue your journey on the road alongside the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River to reach at Boischatel. You can also visit this area by bus from Quebec city, as bus route towards this area is also available. You can enjoy your time in this city by spending hours around Montmorency falls, Montmorency river and the Saint Lawrence River. You can also take part in many cultural festivals and events in this town to know more about the culture and history of this city.

Best time to visit Boischatel:

If you are worried about tourists rush and flocking in Boischatel while planning your trip then you should read this small section of this blog. We promise that before the end of this mini section, you will surely feel relaxed while planning your trip to Quebec or Boischatel.

The best time to visit Boischatel is a time when you are not worried about the hassles of daily life and completely soak in the experience. Summer is a great time for walking and spending time outside. Fall is certainly a win for nature lovers and great photography with its incredible colors. The weather in the fall is favourable and perfectly suit the outside activities. All activities in Boischatel are a perfect match for each of its season. So, you need not to worry about the perfect season to visit this place. If you are worried about b&b in Quebec city or Boischatel, then say goodbye to those worries. Because, there are some great hotels in Boischatel where you can stay during your whole journey.

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