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Get a Beautifully Breathtaking Perspective on Quebec City in Summer

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Quebec City is the only city in North America that’s an amazing holiday destination for all seasons. It’s fortified and a UNESCO World Heritage site that attracts all types of visitors to experience the uniqueness and picturesque of this place. One can experience decorated streets in the autumn with a rainbow of oranges, reds, and yellows, and summer brings black bears on trips out of town, whales on the mountainous coastline, winters allow tourists to explore snowy trails in the forest and celebrate at the famous carnival. In addition, there are many accommodations options to consider ranging from traditional hotels in Quebec Canada, to a more contemporary resort to experience the charm of the place. If you are visiting the first time, plan your trip in summer and expect exceptional facilities, beautiful locations, welcoming people, and much more.

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Let Your Heart Pump Fast

Did you know Quebec City is divided between the upper and lower towns, where the upper town is perched high on Cap Diamant, and the latter is sprawled along the riverfront? These two parts of the town are connected with 29 staircases, and Quebecers like to take an aerobic challenge in their daily workout by walking or running them. The lower town and the wide St Lawrence River give exceptional views too.

See the Skyline from the River

The St. Lawrence River lets you enjoy a sea kayak and experience the skyline from the waterway and get a beautifully breathtaking perspective on the city. If you are curious to learn how to sea kayak, at the Parc Nautique de Cap-Rouge, you can hire kayaks and take lessons. In addition, you can get traditional Canadian canoes that are perfect for paddling along the river’s calm stretches for a wonderful experience.

Rock Climbing

The Le Pylône and Le Champlain crags, located east of the city center, are close to the Pierre-Laporte and Pont de Québec bridges. The place is ideal for rock climbing for almost everyone, as you need not be an expert climber. In addition, you can climb from the fixed anchors at the top of the crag, making it an ideal spot for your first-ever climbing.


Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier is located north of Quebec City. There are more than 100Km hiking trails here that will offer you endless fun. There you may see moose, otters, bears, and even wolves. What is not to miss here is getting refreshing dips in the Jacques Cartier River that are to have for all the visitors. If you are interested in some wilderness, this is the closest to the town and is easily accessible for a day trip.

Don’t miss Enjoying the Snow

Summer is the best time to go on the town and have all the fun, but outdoorsy Québecers are unperturbed by the onset of winter. With the arrival of snow, walking tracks in the city’s parks become cross-country ski trails. At Place d’Youville, the square in the city's heart, an outdoor ice skating rink appears that draws large crowds from December to March. Many such places attract tourists to enjoy the snow and have fun.

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Book Activities and Hotels in Quebec City

Do complete researches before you make a way to Quebec City so you can be free to enjoy to the fullest. Get details about your flights, Quebec hotel deals, book fun activities, and everything else for a peaceful vacation and serene stay. La Princesse des Champs is one of the best hotels in Quebec, Canada, offering comfortable stay along with access to various activities.

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