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Incredible Ways to Embrace Quebec City’s Charm and Old Town Chic Atmosphere

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

The swirling cobblestone streets, world-famous castles, and original European architecture are what make Quebec City the most visited and sought-after place in North America. Whether you are a honeymoon couple, a solo traveler, or a family, there’s no secret Quebec City is an excellent destination for almost all types of travelers. Thanks to the picturesque architecture, luxurious hotels in Quebec City, Canada, the rich history, and seductive food & wine scene makes it is easier to plan a tailor-made trip to Quebec City that suits your specific interests and style. Here’s the guide to make your trip memorable, your vacation hassle-free, and your stay at the best hotel in Quebec City

What You Should Know Before Planning Your Trip:

Best time to visit Quebec: both winter and summer seasons are known to be the ideal time to visit this beautiful place in North America. This is the time when the city gets the majority of travelers from all over the globe. Fall and spring are small, and the city experience empty streets and quebec city accommodation during this time of the year. Moreover, depending on what you are hoping to see and do, plan your visit in summer when Quebec’s social calendar is full of events and the weather is temperate. Alternatively, to experience the best of winter festivals and fun, book a trip in February.

Language: This charming city gives the feel of French culture all around the streets and neighborhoods. French and English are official languages in Canada, but a majority of people speak French.

Currency: Canadian dollar

Getting Around the Streets of The City: rental bikes are the most ideal and preferable way of commuting around the city's streets. If you don’t prefer walking, rent a bike and wander the streets, visit historical places, the local market, and more to explore the area. Rent a car or download Uber for longer trips outside of downtown.

Money-Saving Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Trip

Money saving tips to get hotel in quebec city

Enjoy a Ferry Ride: the ferry from Quebec City to Lévis and back costs just $7 round-trip, and it will be a budget trip that offers passengers the most spectacular views of the city skyline.

Don’t Miss the Parliament Tour: if you are on a budget and finding something to spend a few hours indoors, the handsome parliament building is a great way to do so. The walking tour is absolutely free and offers interesting insights into politics and architecture.

Have Fun Together on A Picnic: Quebec has a lot to adore and enjoy. On a budget, you can have a picnic on the Pierre-Duguay-De-Mons Terrace. Pack your snacks with unobstructed views of the Old Quebec and river.

Where to Stay

Quebec City has an unlimited number of the best hotels and luxurious properties where travelers can stay safe and enjoy themselves to the fullest. However, finding the best hotel in Quebec City is quite cumbersome, with many options available. Many visitors prefer boutique hotels for families that include ample parking space with bed and breakfast.

The Quebec City hotels deals amazing French-style bed and breakfasts with more personalized services at affordable prices.

Where to Eat

Quebec City hotels deals

Whether you love French cuisine, American cuisine, or other international cuisines, Quebec City offers everything in local and affordable restaurants. When you explore the outskirts of Quebec, you will find many restaurants delivering delicious, affordable food to tantalize your taste buds.

Culture And Customs

If you are a newbie and visiting Quebec for the first time, remember to follow these customs:

  • Both English and French are official languages of Canada; however, in Quebec City, 80% of the population speaks only French. The locals in Quebec City appreciate travelers trying to speak French before asking for something in English. The officials or staff in the hospitality sector speaks basic English so that it won’t bother you much.

  • The other important thing to consider is that most restaurants with table service will add a 15 percent tax on your bill. It is customary to offer a proper tip between 15 and 25 percent that means leave at least the tax rate as a tip. It’s an exception at patios or bars, as $1 is expected as a tip per drink.

Do your research and book everything in advance, from tickets to the best hotels in Quebec City to make your trip memorable and on budget.

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