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Make a Visit to Quebec to Experience Unique Culture in North America

Whether you are exploring parks, public markets, pedestrian circuits, exclusive events, and first-class restaurants, you will experience the uniqueness of North American culture at every step. So plan your visit to Quebec City and let yourself be carried away by the culture and festive atmosphere known around the globe for its exceptional vibe, innovative spirit, and mesmerizing cultural initiatives. If you are in Quebec City, check out the most distinctive cultural experiences you should not miss:

Experience Francophone Culture

Quebec City is the steadfast guardian of the French language in the new world. With locals preserving the French language and using it on almost all types of official and unofficial communications, the city gives you an incredible experience. It also acts as a bridge between Europe and the Americas, offering a wide range of attractions and events that promote its francophone roots.

Local cuisines will have your heart

No doubt Poutine is Quebec’s famous cuisine. However, you will get this pretty dish on the food corners rather Quebec is blessed with plenty of passionate chefs raising the culinary bar and developing new trends. So have fun at Quebec’s top-class restaurants and treat your taste buds to the delicious French-Canadian cuisines.

Dive into the rich heritage in Avant-Garde Museums

Quebec is rich in old heritage and history; its museums have a profound history just waiting to be discovered. Some of them display the cream of the province’s art collection, while others are considered as a home to architectural masterpieces. The museums in Quebec have interactive exhibits for all-aged the family members.

Astounding festivals and events await you

The city hosts an exclusive range of festivals and events in all seasons. From summers to winters, street entertainers cheer up the streets of Old Québec. Some of the festivals are solely musical, while others combine music, theatre, art and offers multi-art performance to delight travelers and locals with the uniqueness of the whole world. In addition, the city becomes a winter wonderland that showcases Quebec winter carnival and a wide range of ice activities to entertain visitors.

Quebec City accommodations

The hospitality sector is always on the top in Quebec, displaying different colors. Quebec City accommodations are available for everyone. From luxurious to budget to bed & breakfast, you can choose one per your requirements. If you are traveling in winter, staying in an Ice hotel is recommended.

Cultural Do's and Don'ts in Quebec City

To make your stay easier in Quebec City and have incredible fun, follow some of the cultural do’s and don’ts:

  • Show courtesy to locals and other visitors

  • Avoid making any comparisons with France or the United States

  • Each address has two possibilities, east or west, so be specific.

  • Keep any grumbles to yourself, and natives don’t like whingers. 

  • Don’t forget to offer handsome tips in restaurants.

  • Honesty is appreciated in Quebec, and locals always speak the truth

  • Do not feed the wildlife and show ultimate respect for nature too.

  • Layer your warm clothes to protect you from chilling winters in Quebec City

Find the Best Hotel near Quebec City

Quebec City neighborhoods are full of classy and budget accommodations. If you are looking for the best hotels near Quebec City, La Princesse des Champs is the best option. We offer a wide range of amenities, including comfortable rooms and more. 

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