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Must see and must do in Old Quebec

Brief Introduction of must-see things in Old Quebec

Old Quebec is the oldest and most historical neighborhood of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. This area is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This area is commonly referred to as “Quebec's old City” or sometimes simply “the old City” in English. It is also called as Latin Quarter. It comprises of two towns “The Upper Town and The Lower Town.

The Upper Town has remained the city's administrative and military center because of its location and position. The Lower Town is the historic district. It is located at the bottom of Cap Diamant.

This old city has many interesting, historic and beautiful places to visit. There is a miracle and wonder just past every street corner. There are many shops there where you can purchase some useful items. Besides these, many luxurious and best hotel in Quebec City are located in this old town. You can surely get marvelous sites for a delicious dinner and b&b in Quebec City.

To get the best out of your trip, we will recommend you slip into some comfortable shoes and enjoy a walking tour of the 400 years of history. A walking tour is mandatory to observe the old history and heritage of this city throughout your trip.

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

The historical and most photographed hotel in old Quebec is Fairmont Le Château Frontenac. It is also called Château Frontenac. It is located in the historical upper town of Old Quebec. This historical hotel was designed by Bruce Price. It was constructed by the Railway Company of Canadian Pacific. For the first time, it was opened in 1893. Later on, this hotel was extended on 3 different occasions.

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac is one of the best hotels in Quebec City. Due to its historical past and ancient beauty, you can never say no to your picture being photographed in front of this hotel. You can go inside to admire its beauty and stunning architectural style. You will surely love this hotel. To get the best out of your visit, we will recommend you take a guided tour of this hotel. Then, take time to enjoy its charming second-floor gaze at the absolutely beautiful and stunning chandeliers. After your guided tour, enjoy your food in one of the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac restaurants. Their qualified chefs are ready to serve you delicious recipes and mouth-watering dishes. Last but not least, enjoy your night in one of the rooms of this hotel.

Place Royale

Place Royale is a site where Samuel De Champlain founded Quebec City in 1608. This place is famous for its history and a church as well. The name of the church is Notre-Dame-des Victoires. It is a small yet one of the oldest churches in this district and is made up of stones. It is truly the heart of the place Royale because this church increases the charm and beauty of this city. The doors of this church are always open for visitors in summer to admire the architecture and beauty of this church.

In addition to this church, there are many beautiful buildings and some cobblestone streets that further increase its beauty and charm. Take as many pictures as you can in this area, especially in Des Pains Bénits and Saint Pierre. We will recommend you to visit Place Royale for a day or two and then tour its beautiful church and create memories and photographs in the beautiful buildings of this area.

Parliament Building of Old Quebec

The Parliament building of Old Quebec is a living example of fantastic architectural work. It is the first national historic site of old Quebec. Its garden is open for visitors in summer. You can wander here and there in this garden and admire its charm and beauty. Free guided tours are also available there. You can avail yourself of one of them to know more about the history of Quebec City and the functions of Quebec's Parliament. You can also enjoy your food in the magnificent dining room of Restaurant Le Parlimantaire. One of the best things about this restaurant is that its menu is composed of foods prepared from locally grown or sourced ingredients. You can surely enjoy an extraordinary and unique dining experience there.

Plains of Abraham

Plains of Abraham is a historical site where the famous battle “Battle of the Plains of the Abraham” was fought on September 1759. This area is located in the Battlefield Park of Quebec City. There is a museum as well which serves as the reception and information center of Battlefield Park. There are many monuments and two Martello towers in this area. Many events take place in this area throughout the year. You can come in here to enjoy these events.

If you want to know more about the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, you should visit the Plains of Abraham museum. Learn about everything you need to know about this battle in this museum.

The Plains of Abraham are an ideal location for a picnic. You can take a picnic basket and a mat there to have a mini picnic there. You can also do skating and skiing as well there. You can also enjoy your time by sitting beside the St. Lawrence river.

Petit Champlain (A beautiful Street of Old Quebec)

Petit Champlain is a small yet one of the most beautiful streets in the whole world. In winters, the beauty of this street is unmatchable due to sparkling lights hidden under a beautiful cover of snow. Take time to explore and admire the architectural structure of this street. You can also visit some boutique shops there. They offer many beautiful products prepared by some local artists and artisans. You can also meet them in these boutiques. In winter during the Christmas days, you can see many beautiful decorations there. To truly observe the charm, beauty, and elegance of this street, we would recommend you to visit this place in person and spend some time there. You can also have an enjoyable and cozy environment in one of the restaurants and pubs of this street.

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