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Must-see Museums in Quebec City Canada

Things to do in Quebec City

Most visitors think about what should they do while staying in Quebec City, Canada. You can do many things in Quebec City like Half day tours, Historical tours, bus tours, walking tours, self-guided tours, park tours, cultural tours, bike rentals, bile mountain tours, specialty and historical museum tours, and a lot more. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the museums and historical sites that you should probably visit while your stay in this city.

Museums are one of the best places to visit in Quebec City. These museums have been restored and preserved to provide a charming and captivating look at the storied past and the origins of this city

While enjoying your stay in Quebec City, you might want to have a look at the past history of this city. There are two ways to get information about the origins and past history of this city. Either by talking with the citizens of Quebec city especially old people or by visiting some historical museums and interpretation centers. Let's discuss both of them briefly.

1) Information from Citizens: The information from citizens comes in very handy. You can get information quite easily by just asking the questions that you have in your mind. There is no need to visit museums to get the information you need. But, there are some drawbacks as well. Being a tourist, you will be staying with other tourists. It will become difficult for you to find a local person with all the necessary information you need at these tourist sites. Some tourists might also have the knowledge you need but most of them usually do not have any information about the past history of this city. Finding such a person might be very difficult and can prove very costly than simply going to the museum and getting all the information you need.

2) Information from Museums: Visiting a museum can be a more cost-effective way than information from citizens. You can visit a nearby museum and then all you need to do is just to see the things in these historical museums. According to research, a person remembers 70% of what they see. So, it is a much better solution than talking to citizens. So, while you are in Quebec city, treat your eyes, your mind, your intelligence, and yourself with a quick lesson about history by visiting these museum mainstays located in French North America.

Now we will talk about some of the museums and historical sites worth seeing for visitors in Quebec City:

Musée De La Civilisation

The most popular and famous museum in Quebec City which is often translated as the “Museum of Civilization” is called Musée de la Civilisation. It is located in the old Quebec historic area near the famous Saint Lawrence River. This museum is an eye opener on the different conditions and facets of humans. You can explore some prestigious international exhibitions in this museum. It has some special interactive and charming displays for teens and children. It has a friendly setting for visitors and is accessible to all.

Since this museum is located in Old Quebec near the Saint Lawrence river, you can explore and enjoy the beauty of this museum. All you need to do is just go on the rooftop. There you can enjoy the true beauty of old Quebec, Île d' Orléans, and the Saint Lawrence River. There is also a costume workshop called Once Upon a Time. Kids really love this workshop. So, if you have small kids with you, make sure to enjoy this workshop on weekdays.

Bed and Breakfast near Musée De La Civilisation

Since Musée De La Civilisation is one of the most visited places in Quebec, many local and Quality hotels have been constructed near this place. So, there is no need to worry about food and b&b (bed and breakfast) while planning to visit this place. There are several cafes as well where you can have your favorite drink and a small treat.

Musée National Des beaux-arts du Quebec

The Musée National Des beaux-arts du Quebec is an art-related museum in Quebec City. It is also abbreviated as MNBAQ. This museum is located in Battlefield park and it is actually a complex of four buildings. Three of them were purposefully built for the museum while one of them was built as a prison. Later on, it was allocated solely for museum use. This museum has some 40,000 art-related works which is the largest art collection in the whole city.

You can find almost all kinds of art from old to modern artists from Quebec and abroad. The art ranges from modern arts to old and precious masterpieces, and valuable artifacts. There is also a family gallery where you can see some informative and intellectual workshops. You can also see some old prisons that are still present in the fourth building mentioned above.

Hotels in Quebec City near MNBAQ

If you are worried about b&b in Quebec city near this museum, then you should try some local hotels located in the surroundings. You can visit them and see their packages and find the one that suits your requirements. We also recommend you try the restaurant in the museum. You can have your food inside the restaurant in a light-filled surrounding or you can do it outside at the stunning terrace of MNBAC under the soothing warmth of the sun.

Monastére Des Augustines

Monastére Des Augustines was the first ever hospital constructed on this continent many centuries ago. It is a full package combo of heritage and old history. For almost 375 years, this hospital has stockpiled an extraordinary collection of almost 40,000 artifacts. You can visit this place and stay overnight in an authentic monastic cell or a contemporary room. They serve a healthy breakfast in the morning as well. To get the most out of your visit to this hospital you’re the museum, spend your night in their comfortable rooms, enjoy the healthful breakfast prepared by chefs and take part in an informative wellness workshop.

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