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Reasons that why you should visit the province of Quebec:

Quebec city is located in the north of America. Quebec city has its own distinct contemporary language, mixed colonial history and unique culture. From beautiful monuments to unforgettable experience, here we are going to highlight some of the reasons that why you should visit this historical city.

Quebec City:

Quebec city is one of the oldest cities of North America. This city is rich with old history. It was founded by Samuel de Champlain in 1608. Till now, it is the only walled city in the north of Mexico. Historical streets prepared from cobblestones are still present in this city. These streets are lined with canons near the Saint Lawrence River. The city is also characterized by many beautiful and architectural landmarks like the La Citadelle fortress and the Chateau Frontenac.


Montreal is a much-loved and dynamic city of Canada. It attracts many tourists, businesses, students, artists, and creative people from different parts of the world. The rhythm of this city is distinct with its mix of North American and European architectural styles. Due to this reason, it is the first stop for most of the visitors of Quebec and other areas on their way to the province.


Roughly, the province of Quebec holds more than 500 festivals in a calendar year. From the Quebec city’s summer festival to the International Jazz festival, and the city’s infamous winter Carnival, and Just for laughs festival (a comedy festival in Montreal), the entertainment provided by them is mostly free of cost. Most of the festivals take place at the streets of the city.

Winter Carnival of Quebec

In the winter season, Quebec City of Canada holds one of the biggest winter festival in the whole world. This festival happens in outdoor and is called as the “Carnaval de Québec.” This festival mostly starts from the last week of January to the mid of February. This festival is a historical festival which existed on and off since the late of 1800s. Finally, this festival became a regular annual official event in the year of 1955.

This winter festival include many fun activities like sleigh rides, skating, outdoor dance parties, dog sled race, night parade, other revelry, and obviously fireworks. This festival also attracts thousands of visitors every year. If you want to experience a true Canadian winter, then going to this festival is must for you.

Immersion of Language:

After Paris, Montreal is the second largest French speaking city in the whole world. Although most of the population of Montreal speaks French, still the city is actively bilingual. Most of the province also speaks Québécoise language. This fact makes this province a place worth visiting if a person wants to learn and practice French language. Many language schools are also available in Quebec City and Montreal where you can learn French easily.

Maple Syrup:

Quebec is a large supplier and producer of Maple Syrup. This province mainly produce almost 75-78% of the total supply of maple syrup in the whole world. The industry of Quebec is worth around more than 400 million dollar in annual sales of maple syrup. There are more than four hundred sugar sacks scattered around the whole province of Quebec. If you want to experience the production of maple syrup or taste many maple themed delicacies, then Quebec city (and Quebec province) is worth a visit.

Museums of Quebec:

Many historical and world-class museums are available in the province of Quebec. The most prominent ones are Museum of Civilization in Quebec City, Pointe-à-callière Archaeology and History Complex in Montreal. The province is a home to numerous incredible museums. These museums are the living hubs of post contact and post pre history of Canada. These museums also offer an insight to both global and Canadian culture and representations of the past.

Mont Megantic National Park:

Outdoor experiences are an important aspect of any journey. Mont Megantic National Park is one one of those outdoor experiences that cannot be missed. It is a conservation area located in the northern part of Appalachian mountains. This park has more than 50 Kilometres of hiking trails. In eastern Canada, it is also a home to the most important astronomical observatory called the Mont Megantic Observatory.

Enjoying the wild life in the surroundings with getting some time to learn about astronomy in a single park is a dream of everyone and this park provides you with that opportunity. So, don’t miss out this exciting opportunity.


Out of the major attractions in Quebec city, Skiing opportunities and sites are the prominent one. Mont-Tremblant is one of the most popular ski resorts in the whole province. It is a great spot for individuals as well as families. You can enjoy a number of outdoor activities, restaurants, shops and more. The countryside in the surroundings is beautiful and can be explored at any time of the year.

Hotels in Quebec City

Quebec City is a home to many beautiful hotels. There are many hotels near Quebec city. Each hotel is specifically built to satisfy the needs and wants of the visitors and inhabitants. Each hotel has its own vibe and characteristics. You don’t need to worry about b&b in Quebec City as these hotels along with bars and restaurants are more than enough to satisfy your b&b requirements.

The most prominent and the famous restaurant in Quebec is Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. It is located in old Quebec near the St. Lawrence River. It gives the beautiful views of this river from the top.

Coastal Quebec

Coastal Quebec is a great place to see a large number of sea animals. In fact, it is one of the few places in the world where you can observe and see some big sea mammals. These mammals are attracted to the supply of Shellfish in the famous Saint Lawrence River. You can also observe and see some whales in whale watching cruises that mostly happens during May to the end of November in Saint Lawrence River. Observe how many whales can be spotted in this famous river.

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