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These Quebec City Accommodations will Melt Your Heart

Quebec City is small but the capital city of the province of Quebec, in Canada, and locals call it the big village. Quebec City offers a very pristine, friendly environment and doesn’t have a big city feel, which most visitors are attracted to. Here they find peace, picturesque surroundings, a magical feel, 400 years old architecture, and enchanting views of the St. Lawrence River. However, discovering the right Quebec City accommodations can be daunting for new visitors. Québec City is diverse, and each neighbourhood has its own iconic landmarks. Depending on your style and budget, you can choose a neighborhood for your trip and stay in Quebec City:

1. Where to stay in Quebec City your first time-Old Quebec

400 years old historic buildings, rich heritage, stone houses, cobbled streets and a fairytale-like castle; Old Quebec has a charm that could only be found in Europe. It can be the best place to stay while you get to enjoy walking tours throughout the City and see old historic buildings, the local market and meet with people in the local area.

On the edge of the hill, what stands tall is the Frontenac Castle. It was opened in 1893 and has been a hotel whose architecture was inspired by the same castles found in the Loire Valley in France. The building has been expanded several times over the years and is open for spending a night with everyone. However, be prepared to pay a good amount for that treat.

Terrasse Dufferin is another excellent place in Old Quebec that offers a great point of view over the St. Lawrence River, the city of Lévis on the other side. You can have unlimited fun during winters by indulging in snow activities and building a snowman with local kids.

Things to do and see in Old Quebec

  • Take in the views over the river while walking along the Terrasse Dufferin

  • Visit the Plaines d’Abraham, where French and the Brits fought for America

  • Get a hot chocolate and warm yourself up from La Maison Smith

2. Where to stay in Quebec on Budget- Saint Sacrament

The Saint Sacrement neighbourhood of Quebec City is located on Quebec Hill and is mostly residential. It got the name after the church called Eglise du Très Saint Sacrement. As there are few tourist destinations around the area, it is a good way to find cheaper accommodation. Visitors can easily reach the main parts of town by car or public transport. In addition, living at a residential place will let you know more about the local culture and how the people of Quebec live and speak.

Things do and see in Saint Sacrament

  • Walking to the Eglise du Très Saint Sacrement

  • Wandering at the Saint Sacrement Park

3. Where to stay in Quebec for nightlife- Saint Jean Baptiste

Saint Jean-Baptiste is a laid-back neighbourhood that mixes the vibes perfectly and is sandwiched between the traditional Old Quebec and the hip Saint Roch. Here you will discover many cafes and restaurants serving the most delicious French food. Moreover, chocolate lovers can learn about cocoa production and processing at the chocolate museum. Without ending the night in Le Dagobert, one of the best nightclubs in Quebec City, the trip to Saint Jean-Baptiste is incomplete.

Things to do and see in Saint Jean-Baptiste

  • Try some traditional French food at the Bilig Crêperie

  • Satisfy your sweet tooth at the Chocolate Museum

  • Dance until the early hours of the night in Le Dagobert

Choose from a wide range of Quebec City accommodations according to your budget and style. The beautiful city has a lot to offer and experience, from the food to the 400 years old architecture.

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