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What Makes La Princesse des Champs Distinct from other Properties in Quebec City?

The unique aura, luxurious amenities, prestigious furnishing and impeccable service makes La Princesse des champs the best place for vacation stay. The hotel has also been the best place to stay for all types of tourists from couples to families and business delegates. The attractive and popular, La Princesse Des Champ is situated in the heart of the Quebec and is the pride of this beautiful city.

The location

The present hotel properties are pushing the borders of what a classic hotel experience should be. The type of hotel doesn’t matter for some but the location of the hotel is a considerable factor. Before you book a hotel, consider your ideal location. La Princesse des Champs is located at the centre of the Quebec City. For instance, if you are travelling for the purpose of sightseeing, it’s easy to access all the attractions from our hotel.

Enhanced safety

We take care of complete safety of our guests. Since the hotel is located in the centre of the city and not at any secluded place, all the guests and their belongings are safe. We even provide personalized security measures for all our guests. In addition, technology plays a more prominent role in enhancing the overall security where we can track each and every action of guests as well as outsiders.


When you are coming to our place, you will find clean surroundings, rooms, kitchen, washrooms and everything. We do not compromise with our guest’s health and stay and thus uphold the highest cleanliness standards.

Free Wi-Fi

Guests at all types of inns in Quebec City demand some level of internet services. Especially people travelling from other countries are not able to access their mobile networks thus they need some internet connection for a lot of things in a foreign place. We offer free Wi-Fi to all our guests so whether you are a business personnel or a common tourist, you will not face any connectivity issues.

Comfortable bedding and rooms

What you need at the end of the day is a fine place to rest your head. La Princesse des Champs provide comfortable bedding which is clean, well designed and well-maintained. After a long day full of excursion, you will feel peace and comfort in our hotel rooms. Also they are filled with basic things such as TV, small refrigerator, coffee maker and more so you feel completely relaxed and comfy.

Perfect bathroom facility

People are often concerned about the cleanliness, maintenance and plumbing in the bathrooms. We ensure ideal bathrooms with everything on place. We regularly keep a check on the taps, sinks and toilets so there are no leakages and all of them are working great.

Attentive housekeeping service

What set us apart from other Quebec City hotels in downtown is our dedicated housekeeping service. Our staff is always ready to assist guests with what they want. We offer prompt phone call picking service along with all the other services provided by our hotel. We have a very big team and our staff members always stay ready to assist the guests in all possible ways.

Delicious food

La Princesse is one of the best bed and breakfasts in Quebec City delivering scrumptious treats every morning in breakfast. All the guests come together in the morning to have breakfast and share personal and professional stuff. Many people become friends and often exchange travel experiences with each other. We even take care of personal choices of our guests and take them into account while preparing and serving them.

Among all the fun and frolic you are having on your business or tourist trip, seeking a place of relaxation is what makes it complete. Check out the Quebec City hotel deals and find a perfect inn to stay and to explore the attractive and popular farms, fields and old town streets of the Quebec City on foot that are nearby to your accommodation.


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