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5 Reasons to Stay at a Bed and Breakfast in Quebec City

With so many accommodation options offered to tourists, knowing where to stay isn't very clear. There is no right or wrong answer for inns, hotels, and motels. However, you can end up in the wrong place for your travel requirements with so many options available. So why stay at a Bed and Breakfast in Quebec City? That's an easy query to solve in one word – unique. Bed and Breakfast provides an entirely different experience from a typical hotel vacation.

Here are 5 reasons why you are going to love your stay at a Bed and Breakfast:


Some hotels offer you the best service; however, it really can be a hit or a miss. These days, accommodation in anything less than a 5-star hotel means that the only service experience you will have as a patron is upon coming at check-in. At a Bed and Breakfast, the service experience is much more on the helper level instead of the "Call the Front Desk Only If There Is a Problem" level. At LA Princesse das Champs, we focus on offering our guests the finest service. We do it all to make your stay unforgettable, personalized, and enjoyable.


Hotel rooms are very cookie-cutter, even OK. Same room, another hotel. When you decide to stay at a B&B, you will check out with a memorable and unique experience. Do you recall the hotel experience you had five years back? No right? But if you were to consider the same question for a B&B stay, you will likely have a solid memory of the stay. This is because the bed and breakfast experience compared to a hotel room is much more personal. When you book a B&B, you are not just given a room number. You are a guest greeted into a space that is home away from home. An escape settled near the magnificent St-Lawrence River, the property and rooms at LA Princesse das Champs are far from "cookie-cutter" and brings any guest a unique stay.


As the name suggests – bed and Breakfast, the most significant meal of the day, is home cooked and specially made to your preference at a Bed and Breakfast. And it is free of charge. At a hotel in Quebec City, Canada, you will have an on-the-go cold breakfast that will make you feel hungry after some time. Sometimes you may get lucky with a freshly cooked, hot breakfast, but it won't be made to order or personal. And nobody knows for how long it's been sitting under the heat lamp. But at a B&B, it's a part of the deal. A homemade cooked complimentary breakfast with locally sourced ingredients and flavors is a better way to boot your day.


Staying at a Bed and Breakfast in Quebec City is the best way to get some R & R&R. Many beds and Breakfast are situated in peaceful surroundings and have stunning gardens and sights. B&B tends to offer peace and quiet and provides a great place to visit from the everyday stresses. This is also true at LA Princesse das Champs, which features peaceful surroundings, outdoor sitting areas, and lush vegetation to enjoy, relax, and unwind in the beautiful St-Lawrence River.


Amenities at a hotel in Quebec City, Canada, can be great if you like paying for them. However, hotels can unfairly charge you for services like Wi-Fi or Breakfast. So save your money and enjoy amenities like free Wi-Fi and Breakfast at a B&B. At LA Princesse das Champs, we know that some amenities are the basic requirements for our guests. And you shouldn't really have to make a hole in your pockets for that. Our guest suites and rooms include televisions, a personal kitchen, Wi-Fi, and onsite parking. We also provide fresh and locally sourced food and a selection of teas. Our courtyard is a wonderful place to chill your Breakfast every morning.

So, what are you waiting for if you haven't yet stayed at a Bed and Breakfast in Quebec City?

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