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Celebrate Christmas with Your Family in Quebec City

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Are you looking for a Christmas escape? We've got your back with the complete Quebec City Christmas travel guide that will help you book your adventure to this beautiful and historic French-Canadian city in no time.

Wondering in the streets of Quebec City cover the old stone constructions, street sellers open their decorated stalls, and Glüehwein starts to fly in the air, making it tough not to feel as you have been travelled back in time to a traditional Christmas market — or at least the set of an idea Hallmark Christmas movie.

The winter and Christmas season in Quebec City is a magical feeling that is so hard to describe and is something you can only experience yourself! It offers the best B&B Quebec City with locally sourced fresh food. 

Plan the Best Quebec City Christmas Adventure

Quebec City is situated inside the Quebec province- the only province in Canada with French as the official language. The reason is that this province of Canada was the first to be established in 1608 by French colonizers, which also makes Quebec City one of the oldest European established cities in America.

best B&B Quebec City

Once you walk through the historic streets of the Old Quebec City, you will understand why it is entitled as UNESCO World Heritage Site, which feels as if you have been travelled through the ocean to a city in France.

While French is the favoured language in Quebec, you don't have to worry if you don't know French. Nearly everyone you encounter in this place is familiar with English. Even if you don't speak English, the people in Quebec are extremely helpful and welcoming, making navigating the city even in an unaware language much easier. 

A Simple Merci (thank you) and Bonjour (hello) go a Long Way. 

When to Visit

It is not too cold to visit Quebec City in the winter that you can't get out and enjoy all that this historic city has to offer. You can find most of the activities in Quebec City, even during the winter leading most locals just to bundle up and enjoy regular hot beverages to stay warm. 

If you want to visit Quebec City Christmas markets, then plan your trip near the first and third weeks of December to enjoy different things to do in quebec city and experience the unforgetable effects of Christmas. 

Where to Stay

Quebec City is huge with infinite accommodation available from hotels to the best B&B in Quebec, available throughout the "new" and "old" Quebec City. With so many different kinds of stay available, it is easy to get lost. Here are the most common types of tourist accommodation that offer you a definition that hopefully guides you in your choices.

Hotel Establishment

The best hotel in quebec city includes, of course, hotels, but also motels and inns. This kind of accommodation provides a variety of fully furnished rooms, ranging from a single room with an attached bathroom to a suite with many rooms; some come with an attached kitchenette. In addition, hotels provide a variety of services, including restaurants, business centers, pool and spa, maintenance, exercise room, concierge, room service, etc.

Bed and Breakfast in Quebec

Bed and breakfast in Quebec were initially introduced by English a few centuries ago. These are fully furnished rooms with shared bathrooms, available with breakfast in a package. Many beds and breakfasts in Quebec City are known for their breakfasts made with locally sourced products.

bed and breakfast in Quebec City

The best B&B in Quebec is unique in its own way that it is actually run by the owner of a property who lives on the same premises. In England, bed and breakfast offer up to eleven rooms, but bed and breakfast in Quebec City have a limited number of five. In France, bed and breakfast are known as "chambre d'hôte" and are generally found in the countryside, most often on the farm.

The best B&B in Quebec City comes in numerous forms, and each one is exceptional in its own kind, as much by the beautification of the property as by the host's warmth. As bed and breakfast, Quebec City has evolved, it is not unusual to find luxurious accommodations offering a level of a deal similar to that of hotels in Quebec City, or even "niche" accommodations that provide their customers with an original or the best experience for their stay. 

One chooses a bed and breakfast when they want to get familiar with the local culture or live a custom-made accommodation experience.

Hotels like La Princesse des Champs bring you the best B&B in Quebec with spacious air-conditioned rooms with attached bathrooms and free WiFi. Onsite parking and homemade breakfasts are also included.

Getting around Quebec City in winter

The best way to roam around Quebec City during winters is to either drive or rent a car. While Quebec City is incredibly walkable, getting to this place or any nearby site is best done by car.

If you are flying to Quebec City, the best option is to fly straight into Quebec City Airport, which has direct flights from major Canadian Cities. Then, rent a car from the airport or take a taxi to Quebec City, which takes around 25 minutes and costs roughly $25.

Explore the Christmas Markets

The Christmas market at Quebec City is why most people want to visit Quebec City in the winter and are worth the trip. The Christmas Markets are expanded in a few locations all over Old Quebec City.

hotels in Quebec City

They are filled with handmade holiday gifts to fondue glühwein stalls and outdoor Christmas puppet shows, and Santa visits for the kids.

What to See and Do

Apart from the best B&B in Quebec, there are many other things to do and see in Quebec City, particularly if you are just visiting for a weekend in the Christmas Market season. Give yourself the time to wander around the city to check the magical things there are to see, do, and eat without any rigid agenda items to check off. Trips that aren't excessively planned are the ones where you'll find yourself enjoying yourself the most at the moment, and Quebec City is surely a place you want to be present in.


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