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A Perfect Honeymoon Vacation in the Charming Quebec City

A honeymoon in Quebec is the best decision for every couple who dreams of a romantic getaway in France. This mini Europe of Canada gives you every reason to fall in love, have the best time together and cherish all the auspicious memories. From serene waterfalls to 400 years old historic architecture, from cobblestone streets to the natural surroundings of the city, everything is so gorgeous to handle. Find the best hotel in Quebec and the most amazing places to visit for an incomparable honeymoon vacation.

Here’s what this picturesque city has in store for you:

Go walking hand in hand in Old Quebec

This 400-year old town has preserved the charm of the past in French architecture, side alleyways, lanes and street shops. The old Quebec is very easy to traverse on foot and you need not get a car to move around to see local shops and buildings. Just have hand in hand with your partner and witness the beauty of this amazing place while you do loads of things:

  • Buy cute wares and souvenirs from local shops

  • Check out local meals at some cozy restaurants that are perfect for a warm-you-up meal.

  • Take part in a number of couple activities in the city such as a toboggan ride

  • Do outdoor ice skating if visiting in winters

Hop on the Ferry to Lévis and have a Local Brew

Feel yourself lucky while you witness the ice floes dominating the Saint Lawrence River with your beloved. You will be spellbound to experience the icebergs with your own eyes in person especially if it’s your first time. Moreover, it will be captivating to see the sunset over the icy river. Taste your favorite cocktails and live the moments to the fullest.

Go for some adrenaline rush by trying dog sledding and snowmobiling

Indubitably the beauty and francophone culture of this magical city will take you to another world. But if you yearn for some adventure, give a try to a couple of winter adventures waiting for you: dog sledding and snowmobiling outside the city.

Make a romantic stay at Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

The beautiful and enchanting Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac is one of the best hotels in Quebec City that dominates the skyline and has been the crown jewel of the old city. You can take romantic pictures together in front of it and step inside to take a broader look at Château’s remarkable architectural style. All you can do is:

  • Tour the Château Frontenac

  • Eat-in one of the Château’s Restaurants 

  • Stay in one of the Château’s Rooms 

  • Soak up the history and the beauty of this amazing hotel and book a room if you want to stay here.

From enjoying the picturesque to gazing at the historical buildings, Quebec has everything to make your stay memorable. From winding, cobblestone streets to chic French cafes you will just go all in. Get to the Plains of Abraham, ramparts, the Château Frontenac, Place Royale, and much more as you learn of the history, and culture of Quebec City. Get the best Quebec City hotel deals packages by booking your stay at La Princesse des Champs. 

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