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Read This before Visiting Quebec City This Holiday Season

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

In 1935, the French nautical traveller Jacques Cartier visited this land and called it New France. People used to call this place Stadacona with about 1,000 populaces of the Algonquin and Iroquois Indian communities. Because of this local resistance and harsh winter, Jacques Cartier finally had to return to France.

More than half a century later, a French explorer Samuel de Champlain started building Quebec City. Champlain was known as the “Father of the New France,” who later became governor-general and ruled the territory till his death.

Later, with many wars, the British overpowered the French and took ownership of the Canadian land. As a result, France lost its ownership over the Quebec region, but millions of French here still uphold French cultural traditions and events.

Festivals in Quebec

Festivals are a significant part of feeling Quebec’s fun life. Winters in Quebec are very harsh, so people usually celebrate the Carnaval du Quebec, an entire week of snowy fun every February, to stay happy and warm. The symbol of the festival, the snowman Bonhomme, is a cherished figure leading Carnaval Parades in an entire city.

When should you visit Quebec?

Do you wonder which season of the year is the best to travel to Quebec City? Every season in Quebec is stunning, each season has its exquisiteness with different scenes, but all are very beautiful. During the spring season, the trees are lush green, and you can see the flowers blooming everywhere. During summer, the sun is bright that beautifies the bright space. During autumn, streets are filled with maple leaves, and during winter, it is pure white snow. Visit Quebec City any time of the year but if you are a summer lover with lively outdoor parties, then go in July. The best time to visit this historic city is when you enjoy the winter activities like ice fishing, skiing, snowmobiles, and participating in winter festivals.

Where to go, what to do?

Quebec is divided into parts: The Old Town and the modern district. Choose among the best hotels in Quebec City Canada, where there are many high-rise buildings, banks, offices, like any other city in North America. This old town is entitled by the UNESCO World Heritage Site. One thing to keep in mind is that these landscapes of Quebec are unique and divided into two areas: The Upper Town and the Lower Town. The entire Old Town covers an area of ​​11km2, which is a special feature of Québec, making the exclusive, strange and striking beauty that few cities have.

Where to stay?

When you visit Quebec City, you can rent the best hotel in Quebec City in the heart of Quebec City, from where travelling will be more convenient. The hotel prices range from $50 to and up.

What and where to eat?

Quebec’s food is full of Canadian cuisine with a memorable trip with a filled stomach, remember to enjoy these dishes:

  • Fresh seafood: Scallops, lobster, mussels, salmon, shrimp, crab

  • Poutine: These are French fries filled with sauces and cheese curds.

  • Maple syrup: A syrup usually used to sprinkle over French toast or pancakes.

  • Nanaimo bar: Really sweet chocolate chip cookies covered with buttermilk or vanilla custard and chocolate coatings.

  • Montreal bacon: Bacon piled up in a sandwich comes with mustard.

  • BC rolls: British Columbian special include grilled salmon, sushi rolls with rice, seaweed and cucumbers.

Important things you should note before visiting Quebec

It is not mandatory to know French when visiting Quebec.

Quebec people are very nice when you try to ask any directions in French.

Quebec City is a little small; you just have to spend about 2-3 days.

Eating far away is generally delicious and cheaper than right at the center.

When you visit Quebec City, the weather is guaranteed to be drizzly, and the view will be beautiful. Don’t forget to stay in Quebec City hotel made of ice if you visit this historic city during autumn or winter.

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