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The Most Popular Traditional Foods Must Try in Quebec City

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

You can be in Quebec for three solid reasons: amazing things to do, delicious foods to taste and staying in the best hotels near Quebec City. Whatever your reason for visiting this beautiful and charming place, Quebec City will satisfy you completely. To help you find the best foods to try in the area, we have listed down some of them.

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Whether you love sweet or savory, you will find it on Quebec’s flourishing culinary scene. Check out the list of Quebec’s most popular traditional dishes and definitely give them a try on your trip:


There’s no denying that Poutine is the most famous food in Quebec that is made from a combination of fries, cheese curds, and gravy. Unfortunately, this delicacy is not available in health food stores. Did you know? Poutine is such a popular and most-loved Canadian food that there are gourmet variations to give it a try and even festivals celebrating it. In addition, you will find it at fast-food chains all over the area. It’s a matter of taste but you will find some of the best Poutine in old Quebec.


A traditional meat pie, Tourtière, is usually packed with minced or seasoned beef or pork or game meats. There exist diverse recipes in different families and geographical locations; however, you can always expect warm, comforting meat enveloped in a pastry crust. It is a traditional part of Quebec’s local Christmas festivities and is mostly served for breakfast or brunch in Quebec City. However, you will find them across the province in any grocery store very easily. 

Montreal smoked meat

The kosher-style cured and smoked beef brisket, widely known as Montreal smoked meat, is basically Montreal’s version of pastrami or corned beef. It has particular origins that are hazy, but the dish actually comes from Jewish delicatessens of the early 1900s.

Maple Baked Beans

Did you know? Baked beans are seasoned with maple syrup in Quebec City. So it should come as no surprise that this delicious, unique dish is often eaten at breakfast in Quebec. Perhaps, it sounds strange, but the sweetness in the deliberately cooked beans works amazing with bland eggs.

Fèves au lard means “beans with fat,” The fat constituent comes from salty pork or a ham hock. The thought was to deliver an energetic, high-fat breakfast for lumberjacks and hunters prior to their day of work. What’s more? Maple baked beans are the most important part of the sugar shack feast in the spring. Therefore, baked maple beans are normally served as part of a sugar shack feast in the spring.

There is no denying that the traditional Quebec food is delicious, hearty, warming, and filling available in all the neighborhoods. These most popular dishes can be easily bought from local resources, restaurants and the best hotel in Quebec City. They also demonstrate cultural influences from the old French colonial history and other European roots, and visitors love to taste and try them.

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