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Lesser Known Facts about Quebec City You Should Know Before Your Visit

Quebec City has an old world European feel with its jam packed tiny streets, multihued buildings, and shops with elaborately carved wooden signs. French and British architecture, pristine views and unique culture make it the number one choice of visitors. The taste of French in almost everything with majority of local people speaking French gives you the feel of being in Paris for sure. Quebec City has a lot to offer its visitors in summers and winters.

If you are planning to spend a week or two or more in Quebec without burning a hole in your pocket, we recommend you to stay in budget-friendly vacation rentals or hostels in old Quebec City. You can also prefer best B&B in Quebec City that have got lower fees, better support and a wide range of facilities. Apart from your stay, when it comes to the best places to visit, Quebec City is also home to majestic marvels, including the Montmorency Falls that are even higher than Niagara Falls and the 21-mile-long Île d’Orléans in the St. Lawrence River. Here’s what you should know more about Quebec before your visit:

Language Police and French in Soil

Quebec City is a small francophone world with some strict language rules. All the signs are in French language and retail or food service employees always greet customers in French. Approximately 80% of the province’s inhabitants have French as a mother language and outside of Montreal, most people only speak French.

OQLF (Office Québécois de la langue française) is an entity also known as language police. They enforce the rules and charge penalties when not followed by people.

Catholic Churches are for Sale

There’s no denying that Catholic churches once played a big role in the Quebec City, however most of them today are empty and unattended. Many buildings are for sale, others are being used for non-religious purposes, and many are being demolished.

The best activities are done outdoors

Winter carnival in Quebec is held in February and it’s one of the biggest festivals. The success and the size of the festival is a testament to local’s defiance towards the cold. There are myriads of activities to do in a tourist-friendly, two-week long event that will showcase outsiders the real cold in Quebec.

Quebec is one of the major maple syrup producers

How many of you love pouring maple syrup over your favorite delights, including pancakes and toasts? Did you know Canada produces approximately 70% of world’s authentic maple syrup and out of that 90% comes from Quebec only?

You can spend a night in an ice hotel

If you always dream of spending a night in an igloo but cannot live that, Quebec’s ice hotel is the right place to get the same feel. As the name suggests, ice hotel frosty with 44-room abode constructed from 30,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice. Visitors are also allowed to visit the ice hotel and enjoy drinks at the bar if they don’t want to stay. The temperature in rooms of the hotels are around -4˚F, with curtains serving the purpose of room doors. Guests and visitors are allowed to use washrooms in an outhouse.

To wrap up

There are a lot of things to do in Quebec and have unlimited fun with your friends and family members. But, before you land there, make sure you know everything about the francophone culture, activities, places to visit, accommodations to stay and much more. Quebecers are very kind and warm-hearted. They welcome guests with open heart and love to serve them in every possible way.

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