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Myths about Bed and Breakfast You Need to Debunk Today

In a world where hotels and luxury private villas have become the most preferable choices for accommodations, the cozy bed and breakfast seems to be forgotten. Indubitably many of these small, welcoming family-run B&Bs in Quebec City have been changed a lot over time; some people still have some myths that need to be dispelled.

You have to share bathrooms

Gone are the days when homeowners used to open a room or two for visitors for a little pocket money but now the majority of bed and breakfasts are professional and well-run businesses. They have elegant rooms with attached washrooms and nobody needs to share washrooms any longer. Moreover, B&B these days are the true replicas of luxurious hotels made in a simple yet charming way.

Bed and breakfasts are creepy

Earlier people share their rooms and offer breakfast to travelers when they reach far from the town surfing or trekking. The lost area with very low lighting and tress around seems to be creepy and scary. However, these days’ bed and breakfasts are located in the most serene places with enchanting surroundings providing all the facilities one can expect in a hotel. The inn-keepers are professional enough to upgrade the property as well as the surroundings to make guests comfortable more than enough.

Lack of privacy

People often argue that the bed and breakfasts don’t offer privacy as they are more personalized to guests. But this is the biggest myth people have in their mind. You are not forced to meet and greet other guests or share things. Moreover, it’s your choice to have breakfasts in your room or with other guests on the table. Most owners give you the freedom to choose between enjoying your own company or to get familiar with other like-minded people.

They are not designed for business travelers

This is exactly not the talk of the town because the best B&B’s in Quebec nowadays caters to business travelers at various places where there are corporate headquarters nearby. Most business travelers prefer quiet, serene place actually a home away from home so they can connect to the Wi-Fi and do their office work and prepare presentations for their meetings. B&B’s provide the same at much affordable price than private villas and luxury hotels.

There will be strange rules

The best B&B in Quebec are now are professional and much like big hotels. They respect privacy and the requirements of the guests and hence there are no rules that make their guests uncomfortable. Some individuals believe that they have to reach the B&B at the right time, have breakfast and other meals at a fixed time but the case is there are no such restrictions and a time window is given to make the guests, as well as staff, relaxed.

It’s not a hotel, so you don’t need to tip

Inn staff gets great wages and they make enough as a living. But a tip is a supplemental income that is a way of appreciation and saying thank you for the service. You are probably living in a house but our staff may help you with an early breakfast so you can catch your flight, or brings soup to your room because you are not well. All these gestures need appreciation and a tip is the best way to do so.

Unlike past, bed and breakfast these days are more elegant, professional and ideal for spending a few nights with cozy room set-ups and free breakfasts at the best prices.

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